Exclusive Аnd Limited Membership Opportunity

We Are Limiting Our Membership Numbers To Just 300 People… Who Want To Be Part Of An Exclusive Health and Fitness Community

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   From Nick, The Exercise Lounge
To: Wallingford residents

Since opening our newest gym The Exercise Lounge - Wallingford, we have had a fantastic uptake of members. However being a small, personal fitness facility, we have decided to cap our membership base. This allows us to concentrate on helping our members.

The fitness industry and gyms have changed forever and because of this we have changed the way we operate moving forward.

Total Membership Capacity Is Now Being Strictly Limited To 300

This is the opportunity to take one of the limited spots on our exclusive ‘The Exercise Lounge - Wallingford – 300 Club’ – current members are already moved into the 300 club with limited spaces available to join them. This is unheard of in the industry, most gyms just give you a membership card and tell you to get on with it.

It’s just a numbers game, they don’t personally know what your health and fitness goals are and most don’t get results.

Plus… they can’t adhere to social distancing because of the mass numbers they have in attendance at once.

We have now made The Exercise Lounge - Wallingford an exclusive club limited to 300 local people only!

This is simply so you get better results, we know everyone's names, fitness goals and it's an even safer environment for you to train in.

To re-cap, this is what we will be rolling out and why you should secure your membership today:

Reason #1: Membership Capped To 300 People Only

If you’re a current member you don’t need to do anything, you’ve already secured a membership with us. But, if you’re a former member or you stopped during lockdown, you need to act now. We’re closing the doors to The Exercise Lounge once we hit 300 members. It will be a one in, one out scenario. We will reach this number fast - so please act now.

Reason #2: Community

We want to know everyones fitness goals and then together work towards those by offering a higher level of service and coaching than ever before. We could easily let more people join The Exercise Lounge - Wallingford, hundreds more, if not thousands. But this is now limited to a very select group of local people, who will join a community that supports and encourages you.

Reason #3: Results

We’re in the results game, we want people to come into The Exercise Lounge - Wallingford with a plan that works to get the desired outcome they want. With fewer members this is achievable. Most gyms let members wander around aimlessly not actually fulfilling a good workout which means their members get bored, stop working out and don’t get results. We aim to be the exact opposite – we want our members to get results - in a friendly, supportive and motivating community environment that they will love.

FAQ About Securing A Membership

I’m already a member of The Exercise Lounge - Wallingford
Great, your membership is secured. No need to click the link below to secure a place.

I’m not a member of The Exercise Lounge - Wallingford, how do I secure a membership?
Click the link below, enter your details and we will call you to go over the options.

What happens when you hit 300 members?
We close the doors. A waiting list will be rolled out and no one else will be allowed in. It will be a one in, one out scenario.

What happens if someone wants to join after 300 memberships have been secured?
They can’t for now. Our attention will be on the 300. They will have to join the waitlist

What is the deadline to secure one of the 300 memberships?
The deadline is when we hit 300, which we anticipate hitting very quickly.

About The Exercise Lounge - Wallingford

For the last 16 years The Exercise Lounge has successfully helped hundreds of people in Oxfordshire achieve their fitness goals by providing life changing Health & Fitness results, through expert supportive coaching programmes and have been consistently recognised by the people of Clare as the go to experts in our field.

Unlike other Fitness facilities who leave you abandoned on the treadmill to figure things out for yourself, our services focus on you, your goals and long term results in a motivating community like environment that you will love. Join us and be part of our family.